• Adam
    “I loved working with Kevin. I reached out to him at a particularly difficult time in my professional life, unsure of what was coming next. Being coached by Kevin helped me connect more with myself and understand who I am and what gifts and strengths I have, and he did it in a very engaging and fun way. I now feel like I have the motivation and sense of direction that I needed, and opportunities keep opening up. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kevin to anyone looking for a great coaching experience.”
  • Felicia, COO - Tech and Advertising Company
    Kevin Benson is hands down the best consultant that we have used in our business. He provided useful information for me as an owner and powerful ideas for all of our employees. His work with our company allowed our team to work through some difficult issues and come through the other side laughing
    Felicia, COO - Tech and Advertising Company
  • Judy - Dancer, Teacher, Writer
    If you are thinking of working with Kevin...Go for it! Kevin has refreshing and helpful skills to offer, a deep understanding of what makes us tick, and a gentle way of negotiating possible fears we might be harboring that might keep us stuck in the places we don't want to be. Kevin is affirming, encouraging, and has a discerning compass as to how to direct the session toward positive results to discover and achieve goals and aspirations!
    Judy - Dancer, Teacher, Writer
  • Kevin is so personable. I feel normal talking to him - like the things I struggle with are not all that crazy after all! He asks questions that move to the heart of the issue in no time. My perception prior to coaching with Kevin is that the deep matters of the heart and soul take a long time to unearth. The cool thing about working with Kevin is that he knows just what to ask in order to get to the heart of an issue, saving much time and needless chatter! Every conversation with him is powerful and enlightening. Call Kevin NOW!! He doesn't have any agenda other than meeting you right where you're at and desiring to see you succeed in life. He is compassionate, wise, encouraging and gifted at this whole coaching thing. :)